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Chem-It is a program for the novice Chemistry student.  I always found that I could never get everything together when I was doing my Chemistry problem sets.  I'd always be juggling between the periodic table, conversion charts, and my laptop.  Chem-It was designed in response to this problem.

Chem-It offers everything the Chemistry student needs to work efficiently.  The program performs common conversions automatically.  There are reference areas which contain commonly used constants.  The interactive periodic table houses all information a student might need about each element.  The mass calculator allows you to calculate the mass of very complex substances using simple menus.  During experiments, there is a built-in timer which makes it easy to time reactions.   Additionally, there is a built in text editor which allows you to type your experiment notes without leaving the program.

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Chem-It was formerly a freeware program.  However, due to the cost of development and my decreasing amount of free time, I have found it necessary to charge a small registration fee of $7.95 for the program.  I believe this is a small price to pay in exchange for the features offered by Chem-It. 

The registration fee entitles the user to free technical support for one year from the date of registration.  Additionally, the next version of Chem-It (version 2.0) will be free to registered users of Chem-It 1.1.  When version 2.0 is released we will also provide technical support to get it up and running on your system, regardless of when you register Chem-It 1.1.

If you are not 100% satisfied with Chem-It, simply E-mail within 60 days after your purchase and your full cost will promptly be refunded.

To download Chem-It, please click the link below and you will be transported to our secure server for payment information.


Thank you for choosing to download Chem-It.  If you have any questions about the software, please feel free to write chemit@siteup.com.