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SiteUp Internet Promotions is proud to offer the Windows Meta-Tag Generator for free download by the entire Internet community. The Meta-Tag Generator will automatically generate META tags used by search engines to index your pages.

META tags are the recommended way of getting search engines to index your page properly. You should include the tags on every page of your web site.

Read what one satisfied Generator user wrote:

"Frankly, I didn't think I'd really use Meta-Tag Generator. I'm forever
downloading programs that are supposed to make my life as a page designer
easier, only to find they don't perform as promised or are more trouble
than they are worth.

But not only do I use Meta-Tag Generator, I now use it every time I write
metas. It doesn't make decisions for me, just formats my choices, and I
like that. It is faster than coding by hand and I never have to correct or
adjust anything. Since I design an average of a site a day, it's a real

You can download the Meta-Tag generator by filling out the registration data below. There is no charge for the Meta-Tag Generator and your registration data will NOT be sold or given to any outside organization or person.

If you have already downloaded the generator, this form will not allow you access to the program.  Please e-mail metahelp@siteup.com and instructions will be sent to you by autoresponder.





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